How to add products in collections:

You can add 'tags' in a product to link with them with any collection, either you can use a new tag and add them in both products and collections OR I already have added tags in collections which you can use same in products to link with them with any particular collection




Shopify Admin Quick Tour:
Home Here you can scroll through and get some tips from shopify about what you can improve or do on your store
Orders When you get orders, all details will be here
Products Add/Edit or modify products and product details
Products > Collections Add/Edit or modify collections and collection details
Customers List of people signup on your store or have made purchase
Analytics Useful tool to see how your store performing also show you insight of visitors in any time period, etc
Marketing If you use Paid advertising
Discounts You can setup discounts for all products or for any collection or even any single product here. you can also setup buy 1 get 1 free
Apps Any apps to download, edit settings etc
Online Stores > Themes Here themes publish for your store, currently free theme is published and I am working on another, you can customise your theme here for simple edits , codes also can be edit/modified here but be carefull and always do backup if you going to edit anything
Blog Posts If you going to write blogs on your store
Pages All the policy and contact pages can be managed from here
Navigation Mainly your store navigation is managed from here when you have free themes or basic navigation, right now I haven't used it much I did custome code for navigation to make that beautiful
Domains You can connect new domains here
Preferences Add your site heading, meta description , you can link google analytics and facebook pixels here with your store
Settings > General Your store name, emails, legal address, currency etc can be setup from here
Payment Providers You can connect payment providers such as stripe, paypal, cc etc to collection payments from customers
Checkout Customize checkout settings for your store, you wont need it to setup anything unless you really need something special with checkout
Shipping All the shipping charges will be setup here so can be collected from customers when placing order
Taxes If you have to collect taxes for purchase customer made on your store, you can setup here
Locations If you going to ship from multiple locations, you can setup here
Notifications Notification settings, usually you dont need anything to do here
Files all files uploaded on your store can be find here, (not product images)
Sales Channels You can add more sales channels for example if you also going to sale your products via IG or FB etc
Account Your Shopify account and all related details, You can add staff, see permission who else have access to your store
Legal Here you can copy policies of your store, you must have them here as well as on policy pages, you can also use shopify's template to generate policies but then you need to fill blanks in them as well