How did I start as Shopify Developer?

I was a freelance product designer, since 2013 (Elance and Odesk). I explored Shopify and started as a dropshipper like most people. As I built my own store with theme editor only, on a paid theme, I wanted/needed to have more customizations. I did start exploring the Shopify community forum for simple editing into codes, and I got more interested in it. 

It was the first time I was coding at all (2017). Then I started taking Shopify contracts as a data entry freelancer, which means adding products etc.

I got interested in the development part, I learned the HTML, CSS as well LIQUID and became Shopify Developer. I didn't continue on my own store. Instead I started developing and customizing clients' stores over Shopify. I changed my profession from product designer to Shopify Developer with that. And Today, I have five years of experience working every day on Shopify.

In 2022, I am REFRESHING, RELEARNING, and RELOOKING the Shopify. A lot has been updated throughout the past five years time to relearn everything and update me.

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