Opinew Product Reviews Open app > click on import reviews > place amazon link of product you want to import > select Shopify product where you want to place those reviews and click import (also check other settings on this page)
Spreadr App Stock Quantity when importing  Open app > Click settings > click Default values > set Quantity and click save, Right now it is 4500 for each product we import
Price when importing Open app > Click settings > click Markup Price > set as required. Right now Amazon Price x 0.25 = Shopify Price and Shopify Price x 4 = Compare at Price (which is the price at Amazon in real). So I used 'Compare at price' as 'Price at Amazon' for your store
Auto-sync and product reviews import from Spreadr App We need AWS Login to use those features, if possible, otherwise we already have app for reviews (Opinew) and to update product we need to re-import it manually. 
Importing Products from Amazon Open app > paste Amazon product link and click Add Product button
Order Printer App To create PDF of orders
Order Printer Emailer App To email PDF created by 'Order printer app'
Countdown Cart by Beeketing - App T show countdown timer, stock count, and social proof on the product page

Countdown Timer App
To show the timer on Today Deals collection
Customer Fields - Profiles & Accounts To keep customer account details and to allow edits

MailChimp for Shopify
For email automation

Collections Find all collections in Shopify Admin > Products > Collections:
Collections have conditions to recognize and add products into collections. We using tags for this purpose
Adding Products

Simply put a tag in a product (Open a product in shopify admin, in bottom right you can add tags) 
and then put same tag in the collection condition (Open collection in shopify admin, scroll to second section conditions and add your tag there, you can also see what else conditions collection have)


It's easy to assign with product types, product types automatically imported from Amazon, so all you need it to put a condition in the collection to add such products with such products types in that collection.
Orders Open one order:
ACTION: mark as paid: 
Order status changed to paid in order admin list. Order mark as paid in customer account status also. Notification to Customer: NO.
ACTION: mark as fulfilled or (request fulfillment if selected in the product, see below): Opens a new page where you can add tracking number and select shipping carrier. If you add shipping carrier as 'others' it will give you field to input tracking URL. Order marked as fulfilled in order admin and for customer account as well. Notification to Customer: YES, Email 
ACTION: click more (after fulfilling): a-edit tracking , you can again edit tracking to update tracking number and carrier/ link to tracking information, customer will be notified via email. b-few other options, including print packing slip etc.



 Custom order fulfillment

If you add a customer order fulfillment service, for example you already have added ' ITEMS 4 FBA SELLERS - SHIPPING' with email ''. you can then select products to fulfilled by this service. You have to open a product in admin, scroll down to shipping section, there is 'Fulfillment service' option select your service there.
what it will do?
-the 'mark as fulfilled' will changed to 'request fulfilment in the order pages (as mention above)
the request fulfillment do same job as 'mark as fulfilled' and in additional it will also send details of product, shipping address etc to fulfillment shipping service email. 


Pro Tip: Use product bulk editor with-in shopify admin.


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